Live With Bobby & Stacey

Live With Bobby & Stacey

Live With Bobby & Stacey: Congratulations Jason!

Jason from Oak Park got every picture in the 50 point category and most of the pictures in the 100 point category to take the lead and win $10,000 for living with the cardboard cut […]

104.3 WOMC–12/10/2012

Bobby, Stacey, Helena, Mary, Joseph, and some Wise Men

Live With Bobby & Stacey: Where Are They Now?

We spent today catching up with some of our Live With Bobby & Stacey contestants to find out how they’ve been.  Royal Oak Jason took cardboard Bobby & Stacey to  an open meeting with Governor […]

104.3 WOMC–11/29/2012

Congratulations Helena!

Live With Bobby & Stacey: Pic of the Week!

After hours of arguing, negotiating, threats, tears and bribery – and several interns sent out for Pop-Tarts (don’t ask), the judges (Bobby and Stacey) have finally decided on a winner for the first Live With […]

104.3 WOMC–11/27/2012

Double Trouble at the 50 Amp Fuse concert

Live With Bobby & Stacey Over Thanksgiving Weekend

Our 20 Live With Bobby & Stacey contestants were out in full force over the long Holiday weekend.  Cutout Bobby & Stacey‘s were spotted at the Turkey Trot and Detroit Thanksgiving Parade, at the Rock […]

104.3 WOMC–11/26/2012

Live With Bobby & Stacey

Caller #9, this one’s for YOU!

Do you feel like you are never caller 10? Do you have trouble figuring out the song scrambles? Do you always miss a few guesses of Crack The Code? Do you freeze up when asked […]

104.3 WOMC–11/13/2012