Mayan Calendar

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Celebrate Apocalypse in Soviet Era Bunker

Partying 65 meters underground in a Soviet bunker is the way to go on doomsday. Bunker 42 in Moscow is all set up and decorated for an end-of-the-world party, A spokes person in the Oddity […]

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My Last Post Ever? It’s The End Of The World!!!

As you know, tomorrow is 12-21-12 which, according to the Mayan Calendar, is the last day of recorded history. The Mayan calendar moves in cycles with the last cycle ending in December 2012.  Many interpret […]

104.3 WOMC–12/20/2012

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End Of The World: Playlist For The Apocalypse

We’ve prepared for the End Of The World the best way we can, with music. Below you’ll find a playlist for the “apocalypse.”

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Rick Springfield Live in Studio

Rick Springfield Ridin’ The Subway For Charity

Singer/Actor Rick Springfield will be performing live on the number 1 line of the New York City subway beginning at 34th Street this morning with two objectives in mind. To promote his new album “Songs for the End of the World” and to raise money for his children’s and animal’s charities.

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People Prepare For 2012 Apocalypse

Thousands in the Netherlands are taking the 2012 date to the end of the Mayan calendar serious according to UPI here. I find the calendar interesting but am very surprised to see the massive preparation for end of […]