Rick Snyder


Light It Up Blue For Autism Michigan

Today, April 2nd, is the 8th annual World Autism Awareness Day!  Autism is a childhood developmental disorder affecting 1 or 2 out of every 1000 children born worldwide.  It affects male children disproportionately. Yesterday Michigan […]

104.3 WOMC–04/02/2015


Michigan Helmet Law Repealed

After year of trying, Michigan motorcycle riders have succeeded in overturning Michigan’s mandatory helmet law.  State lawmakers have passed the repeal in the past only to have it vetoed by then Governor Jennifer Granholm.  This […]


Bob Seger and Kid Rock (Photo by Frank Micelotta/Staff)

Rock Star Or The Nerd? Who Would You Vote For In A Hypothetical Race For Michigan Governor

[lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Bruce Springsteen[/lastfm] and New Jersey’s Republican governor Chris Christie went neck and neck in a hypothetical election for NJ governor. Springsteen and Christie both received 42% of the vote in a poll conducted by […]


One Tough Nerd Now Governor

Rick Snyder came out of seemingly nowhere to win the GOP nomination and then governor’s race and promised to reinvent Michigan.  Now he’s got a chance at making his vision come true.


Rick Snyder Nerd – But For How Much Longer?

It was a cute and well orchestrated campaign tactic with Rick Snyder calling himself a nerd.  It certainly got the attention of Michigan voters.  But what about the nerd future?


Election Post-Mortem

Here on The Bobby Mitchell Show, we took a long, hard look at this recent election. I took a scalpel to my own voting experience (uh, evidently at my precinct, I voted for a pack […]


Virg Bernero 1 Day Before Election

    Virg Bernero checks in with Bobby Mitchell the day before Election Day and shares his thoughts about the polls indicating that Rick Snyder is in the lead for the race for governor of […]


Rick Snyder Tries To Win $100 From WOMC

Rick Snyder, Republican candidate for Michigan governor, called right after I announced the name of the 8am VIP Club Member in WOMC’s Payroll Payout. I pick up the phone. It’s Rick. He’s calling, it turns […]


Rick Snyder Gets Visit From Mitt Romney

Former Massachusetts Governor and presidential candidate Mitt Romney was in town yesterday to campaign for Rick Snyder.


Virg Bernero Turns Green When Angry

Virg Bernero is in the race to be the new governor of Michigan. He tells us what it’s like to be known as “the angry mayor” and Bobby Mitchell has his own explanation as to […]